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Workshop Services
Race Engine & Gearbox Repairs & Upgrades

At Vinna Sport we believe that along with a great suspension set up the heart of every great race car is its engine and gearbox. We can carry out all aspects of engine and gearbox builds from a mid-season refresh’s to complete rebuilds while being mindful and compliant of your championship rules and regulations at all times keeping you both competitive and legal to you championship giving you a huge advantage over your rivals.

In line with the Vinna Sports ethos, all engine and gearbox work and machining is carried out to the highest standards using the highest quality components from all the leading manufacturers.  

Whether you require an engine or gearbox refresh for your road, track or race car or a one off build, we're here to help. 

Brakes, Suspension & Corner Weights

Suspension and brake tuning is an essential part of getting the ultimate performance from your race car. A well set up and well balanced car is always going to be a faster and more competitive car than your rivals. 

To make a car handle well it’s not always about the overall weight of the car. It’s just as, if not more important to get the cars weight distribution correct over the four wheels. In short it’s not always about the overall weight, but where the weight is distributed that counts. 

Making sure you have equal vehicle weights left to right/front to back and ensuring the suspension geometry is set correctly is an essential part of achieving a well balanced and predictable race car. All this along with a great brake setup will allow you to brake later into corners and take these corners at a higher speed helping you achieve faster lap times than your rivals.   


Vinna Sport can set up your car using the latest corner weighting and computerised laser chassis and suspension alignment technology.

Body Work & Crash Repairs

As with any form of motorsport crashes are an inevitable part of racing. Whether you’ve had a slight tap or a full on high speed hard crash, Vinna Sport can help you get your car back on track, straight, looking good and as competitive as ever.


Using our fully equipped in house body shop manned by qualified body repair technicians and coded welders Vinna Sport can carry out all aspects of body repairs from light body repairs to full chassis straightening and squaring using our chassis jig and confirming any repairs to millimetre perfection using our state our art computerised laser suspension/chassis alignment equipment. (Before and after repair print outs can be supplied with every repair). 


After any body/chassis repairs are carried out we can finish the job by painting your race car. Our in house paint department will oven paint your car to the highest standard bringing it back to its former glory and as an added bonus our partners at Blue Lizard Signs can even reapply any sponsor decals or even replace the wrap damaged in the accident or removed during the repair process using the highest quality vinyls on the market. Click here to visit Blue Lizard Signs' website.

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